Voice-based interaction system for a Health@Home hub – CAPSTONE Project

The π‚π€ππ’π“πŽππ„ ππ‘πŽπ‰π„π‚π“ is at its second edition with students of Biomedical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano to empower and enrich our SynCare ecosystem.

The aim of the project, this year, is to enrich the SynCare ecosystem with a Voice-Based Interaction System (VBIS), using smart speakers (e.g., Alexa, Google) integrated into the home hub, for monitoring and supporting chronic patients in their family environments.  The inclusion of the VBIS would represents the first step for the design, development and buildup of a healthcare Living Lab in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano. 

The implementation of the VBIS system, in addition to the touch interface of the mobile app, is expected to make it easier for older and frail people to interact with the SynCare Ecosystem (e.g. if they have visual or physical difficulties) and to reduce the workload of caregivers by making it easier and faster for them to communicate with the older people in their care. 


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