LifeCharger SynCare for Care-at-home

LifeCharger has always promoted the idea of ​​home as a health hub, and is now investing in new home care services, aimed at encouraging healthy habits and behaviors, building up personalized paths on the basis of the individual's specific needs. 

Care at Home has the potential to unlock higher-quality care for consumers at a lower cost for health systems. A recent article on McKinsey & Company, ‘Care at Home’ ecosystems can reshape the way health systems envision patient care, pointed out how the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated many processes required to ensure better quality of care, clinical outcomes, and an improved patient experience. Among these, home care is evolving more than ever and becoming an indispensable component that health systems must have in the near future. 

In this interesting article it is explained how the model of in-home care is evolving. Even if the traditional post-acute home-health segment remains the largest, new emerging home-care subsegments—such as remote monitoring, virtual specialist consultation, personal care services,  home infusions, home-based dialysis, primary home care, and hospital home care—are growing rapidly. 

The Care at Home strategy must necessarily contribute to the achievement of the fundamental goal of the health system, which is to provide more patient-centered and equitable care, even by addressing previously unmet needs, such as the social determinants of health, behavioral health and well-being. Most important: 

If health systems hope to be welcomed into their patients’ homes, they may need to embed a heightened awareness of patients’ needs, preferences, and living circumstances in the design of at-home services and interventions.