CAPSTONE Project – Final Event @Politecnico di Milano

CAPSTONE Project- Final Event

Last week our team presented the work done for the CAPSTONE Project at the final public event organised by Politecnico di Milano.  


The project is aimed at empowering and enriching our SynCare ecosystem with the new module "HOME HEALTH HUB" allowing the integration of different wearable/portable and domestics devices , such as the Fitbit in the WELLNESS AREA, and blood pressure monitor + ECG for the HEALTH AREA. The module will be furtherly developed and enriched adding domotics, thermometer and environmental hygrometer for the LIVING ENVIRONMENT AREA. Furthermore, Alexa has been integrated as part of the VOICE INTERATION SYSTEM, able to remember the activities to be carried out and provide suggestions, ask questions about health status and collect information in a more agile way (e.g. questionnaires).


Our poster: Home Health Hub App

The team is composed by students of School of Biomedical Engineering (Industrial and Information Engineering - Politecnico di Milano):

  • Riccardo Campitelli
  • Angela Cortese
  • Matteo Santini
  • Ilaria Valentini

guided and mentored by 2 members of LifeCharger staff, Claudio Pighini and Ambra Cesareo. 


Great job!

We look forward to continuing this collaboration next year, with new ideas and innovations (perhaps creating a joint living lab 🤫!)